What is the Importance of Legal Translations in order to Protect Your Business?
What is the Importance of Legal Translations in order to Protect Your Business?
What is the Importance of Legal Translations in order to Protect Your Business?

What is the importance of legal translations in order to protect your business?

Well-established companies such as İnterofis, which have merged with the global world, are aware of the responsibility of integrating the employees of companies with a multilingual workforce into the region where they are located. Within this integration, companies are obliged to inform their employees about every issue within the framework of transparency. Unlimited and uninterrupted access to information also provides confidence to an employee who is not speaking his/her own native language. Any written or oral translation into their mother tongue allows them to trust their employers to whom they are providing their labour, and to grow in their current positions.

It is obvious that a form of communication that cannot express itself or understand the other person is unhealthy and unworkable. Misunderstandings arising from poor quality translations not only disrupt labour-employer relations but also lead to legal disputes. Starting from the employment contract, which is your binding document, the importance of specific points in every matter must not be deviated from.

Organisations, from the personnel they employ to the partners they do business with, make contracts for their mutual legal basis. These agreements define terms, conditions, rights and responsibilities. The inaccurate translation of contracts can cause major problems in the areas described below.

Ambiguity and misunderstandings: An inaccurate translation can lead to disputes, where one of the parties intentionally or unintentionally exploits the terms for their own benefit. Sometimes a mistranslated word, sometimes a misplaced punctuation mark, can lead to legal proceedings.

Non-compliance with Local Laws: Since each country has its own labour laws and regulations, inaccurate translations may cause incompatibility. It is very important for the parties to be aware of the actual laws in the region where business is conducted in order to avoid legal proceedings.

Commercial Implications: Mistranslations may lead to false claims for compensation, false expectations and penalties. Breaches of contract can result in significant financial losses, particularly for small and medium-sized enterprises.

As a result, the sensitivity of specialised translation in a global trade environment is of particular importance. In order to avoid legal difficulties, translations need to be highly valued from the moment the idea of international trade is conceived. Open communication is more than a necessity, it is the gateway to lasting success, positive branding and sound management. If you want your business and organisation to thrive in the multifaceted world of trade, you must seek the support of truly competent translators.




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